HR Policy

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Superior Business Ethics and Integrity

In our relations with our employees, our basic principle is to comply with the laws and ethics.


To give assurance to our employees to fulfill their obligations under the legal regulations.

Human Resources Representation

Human Resources steps and relations with employees have been undertaken in accordance with the determined Human Resources policies.


It manages and plans the professional expertise of its employees not only within the organization, but also in all professional fields, in a way to create values ​​that contribute to the environment and society.

Commitment to Common Values

  • Customer happiness
  • Openness to development and dynamism
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Just in time delivery
  • Respect the law and personal rights
  • Sensitivity to society and environment
  • Commitment to teamwork
  • Employees' behaviors that are contrary to the common values ​​of the company are evaluated in accordance with the procedure of warning, warning and impartially.

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